Recording Date: August 18, 2020

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This week, the team sat down to chat about the lesser known aspects of creating a podcast. In this session, Blue and Grn discuss things to consider before starting your own podcast, including what hardware/software you should look at investing in.


This episode will serve as the first half (or the "Intro Session") to the topic, with the second half (the "Advanced Session") hitting your podcast feeds on Friday morning.

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Timestamps of Note within Episode


0:01:00 - Introductions
0:03:15 - Diving into Podcasts
0:15:45 - Just Do It...Seriously
0:21:00 - Tips for Guests
0:25:00 - Setup Options and Thoughts
0:42:15 - How to Do Breaks
0:44:15 - Software Setup
1:03:15 - Concluding Thoughts
1:11:00 - BLOOPERS

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