Episode 121 brings Blue, Justin, and Beard together to discuss the little information we have on the mysterious figure of Nezarec within the Destiny universe - and also to give Justin a platform to announce his new campaign against sneks (tune in to the end of the episode for that...important announcement). While ultimately this episode is pretty light on confirmed connections - there are plenty of potential threads that connect the singular item we currently have on Nezarec to a few other pieces of trivial tidbits in the game.


Be sure to weigh in for the community question this week - it's gonna be a fun one to read everyone's answer to on the next episode!


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Weekly Question

  • What is the Deep Stone Crypt?


Discussion Timestamps

  • 0:03:00 | Community Feedback
  • 0:05:00 | Weekly Community Question
  • 0:10:00 | Lost Lore: Sins of Kharad-Tan
  • 0:18:00 | Who is Nezarec?
  • 0:20:00 | History of Philosophical Change in Reality
  • 0:27:00 | Let's Look at the Text
  • 0:40:00 | Justin Breaks ALL the Things
  • 0:47:45 | Nezarec's Connections to Other Figures in Destiny
  • 0:51:00 | Analysis of Item Aesthetics
  • 1:00:00 | Tropes & Themes of Nezarec
  • 1:05:00 | The Importance of Storytelling
  • 1:24:30 | Team Shoutouts & Final Thoughts
  • 1:31:00 | BONUS: Justin's Introduction of #EatYourself


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Nezarec Map


Links Mentioned in Show:

  • Lost Lore Item: Sins of Kharad-Tan (link)
  • Misc Information
    • Historical Account on the Conflict between Galileo & the Catholic Church (link)
    • The Galileo Controversy (link)
  • Lore Items
    • Lore Entries from Destiny 2

      • Nezarec's Sin (link)


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