Ep 57 - Yes

Episode 57 brings Blue, Mel, and guest co-hosts Kachine and Enver together for a bit of a deviation from the norm, since everyone banded together to support some good old positivity and voted Yes. As much as we enjoyed the absolute mayhem that was the chat this week, the team thought it would be a good chance to talk about the general themes and theories of what it is that we get together each week to discuss. Stories.

The chat bounces around a bit (not a huge surprise, but fair warning nonetheless) and covers the more general theories of the monomyth and how that theory applies not only to most traditional mythologies and stories, but games in particular. Get ready for some discussion on each of the team's favorite application methods of lore in game, as well as an awesome glimpse into the mind of Mel with her views on fabric theory (sounds like something we might need to get an episode on later...)!

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Links Mentioned in Show:
Summary of the Hero's Journey by Campbell (Link)
Summary on The Hero with a Thousand Faces (Link)

Dames of Destiny (Link)
Dames of Destiny Twitch Account (Link)
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