Our 23rd installment of the Extra Lore series brings Blue, Green, Beard, and special guest co-host Receptor17 (known to many as the 'Nutty Welshman', even though Blue thinks it's Irish...don't ask) together to learn a bit about the insanely grimdark universe of Warhammer 40k. Prepare thyself - Receptor delivers an amazing amount of information...and this is just a scratch on the surface of the information that is available for consumption in 40k.


As stated at the end of the show - let us know if you enjoyed this one and if you'd like us to schedule a follow up with Receptor (and if so, what in particular you'd like to explore with us)!


As usual, thank you again for giving our ramblings a listen! Please be sure to let us know how we're doing over on iTunes or through the below email.



Discussion Timestamps

  • 0:17:00 | Intro to Warhammer
  • 0:25:45 | Let's Begin...
  • 0:40:30 | The Imperium
  • 0:50:30 | Space Marines in Particular
  • 1:30:00 | The Chaos 
  • 2:06:00 | Team Shoutouts & Final Thoughts


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Links Mentioned in Show:

  • The Lexicanum (link)
  • Warhammer Community (link)


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