Recording Date: August 14, 2020

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The team sat down to discuss the lore and other in-game information which takes place on another area flagged to being sunset in the upcoming Beyond Light expansion of Destiny 2, Mars. Within this particular session, we explore the various aspects of game lore that were introduced to us through the events taking place on Red Planet. Of special interest were the topics of the various Clovis Bray items within the Hephaestus Project, the deeper meaning hidden within the reveal of Exos and DER, and how engrams theoretically work. As has become a pattern for these sunset episodes, the team closes with their favorite memories and thoughts on how the lore will explain the upcoming events surrounding this particular area.


This episode serves as the second half (i.e., the "Advanced Session") to the topic, completing the weekly topic discussion from the FFC Podcast team.

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Timestamps of Note within Episode


0:01:00 - Introductions
0:02:45 - Hephaestus Project
0:12:00 - Clovis Bray & Communications
0:17:30 - Exos & DER
0:34:15 - Engram Discovery
0:52:30 - Favorite Memories
1:13:15 - Thoughts on Mars' Future
1:21:15 - Shoutouts

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