Recording Date: September 18, 2020

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The team sat down with special guest, DwyerFire13, to discuss the recent updates that Guardians have received concerning the Darkness. Within this particular session, we looked at the presentation of the Darkness from Toland's perspective and how it holds up to the more recent bits of information. In addition, Blue is really excited about the possible Ghost personalization options and what that could mean for the future of designs in game - and still hates the p53 metaphor.


This episode will serve as the first half (or the "Intro Session") to the topic, with the second half (the "Advanced Session") hitting your podcast feeds on Friday morning.

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Timestamps of Note within Episode


0:01:00 - Blue Blooper
0:02:00 - Introductions
0:02:45 - Getting to Know DwyerFire
0:05:30 - Looking at the TWAB
0:17:15 - Announcements
0:25:00 - Cocktail Knowledge
0:33:00 - Toland's Perspective
0:43:00 - Other References to the Darkness
0:48:45 - The Singular Exegete's Connection
1:08:00 - Shoutouts

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