Recording Date: January 22, 2021

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The team looks at the lore book, The Dark Future this week, joined by Rindel Zivas. Following the discussion of the previous session, the team dives into the specific details surrounding some of the choices made by the primary characters in the entries - and some of the differences that may exist between this alternate time line and that of our Guardian's.


This episode serves as the second half (i.e., the "Advanced Session") to the topic, completing the weekly topic discussion from the FFC Podcast team.

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Timestamps of Note within Episode


0:06:00 - Recap
0:09:45 - Self-Fulfilling Prophecy
0:13:30 - Ana's Problem with Osiris
0:22:15 - Ana's Cruelty
0:23:45 - Zavala's Differences
0:27:30 - Ana's Differences
0:29:30 - Elsie's Differences
0:31:45 - Psychological Cost for Elsie
0:45:45 - Acquisition of Lore Book
0:52:30 - Final Thoughts

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