Recording Date: January 22, 2021

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The team looks at the lore book, The Dark Future this week, starting with a basic overview of who was involved with the events and what happened. In addition, we catch up with a good friend of the show, Rindel Zivas!


This episode will serve as the first half (or the "Intro Session") to the topic, with the second half (the "Advanced Session") hitting your podcast feeds on Friday morning.

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Timestamps of Note within Episode


0:01:30 - Introductions
0:02:30 - Getting to Know Rindel
0:03:30 - Orchid's Cute Corner
0:07:30 - Opening the Book
0:10:15 - Timing of Events Within Book
0:14:15 - Where is The Guardian?
0:15:45 - Major Characters in Book
0:22:15 - Secondary Characters in Book
0:26:45 - Overarching Summary of Events in Book
0:30:00 - Discussion About Loops
0:31:00 - Inevitable Fall of Ana
0:37:45 - Discussion on the Time Lines
0:43:30 - Final Thoughts on Book
0:49:45 - Shoutouts

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